IDE: Initiatives for Development and Education

IDE: Initiatives for Development and Education is a Civil Society Organisation aimed at educating, training and inspiring independent thinking young people to initiate actions, activities, and programmes that improve livelihoods, facilitate the learning of crucial socioeconomic and technical skills required to empower young people to make meaningful contributions toward the development of sustainable societies.

At IDE, we believe that a network of educated, empowered, and engaged young people have the power to solve many global challenges, and we set out to equip people to achieve this goal.

Our Mission is to educate, empower and develop or build the capacity of young people to harness the power of knowledge, skill, and technology in solving socioeconomic challenges, improving livelihoods, and enhancing the development of sustainable societies.

Our Vision is of an inclusive world where young people attain their full potential through education, training, and skill development, and are actively engaged in civic and socioeconomic activities that contribute meaningfully to sustainable growth and development of socioeconomically healthy communities

How we work

Knowledge Generation: Like Romer, 1990, we at IDE believe “knowledge generation, diffusion, and use, as well as conduits for knowledge flows, are all key elements for economic growth”. Hence we invest a sizeable amount of our time and human capital in research and studies to generate and share socioeconomically valuable knowledge with all stakeholders especially young people and women to enhance their education and development.

Youth Advocacy: IDE gives a voice to the interest and welfare of young people everywhere regardless of race, gender, or background. We do this by carrying out youth advocacy. We continuously conduct surveys, studies, and research in health, employment, skill development, and status quo of young people to provide evidence base advocacy for protecting and improving their livelihoods socioeconomically.

Networking and Youth Mobilization: At IDE, we embrace and celebrate diversity. This is why we mobilize, connect, and network young people of varied backgrounds and races to share knowledge and ideas in serving societies and finding solutions.We believe that to impact positively and leave lasting footprints in development and education, young people must collaborate with governments, international agencies, and other stakeholders in a strategic partnership that enhances youth growth and development.

Capacity Development and Training: Empowering young people through capacity development and training is vital at IDE and serves as a yardstick to our success as a civil society organization. We believe in capacity development and training of young people, especially women to initiate and lead projects that improve their livelihoods and that of other young citizens in societies.